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Rely on CareerTeam's expertise to discover and recruit professionals and leaders for your digital environment. Our primary focus is on digital and we pride ourselves on being able to identify unique talent and leaders for your business from our extensive network.
In today's environment, it can be challenging to find the right professionals to actively support and drive your company's digital transformation. Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of organisations, and the need to find qualified candidates for digital positions has never been higher.

Our team at CareerTeam understands the challenges associated with reviewing numerous resumes and conducting interviews. That's why we offer customised solutions to make the recruitment process efficient and effective.

Your reliable Partner in Digital Recruiting – CareerTeam

The right digital experts in your company can make a significant difference. We stand out through our sophisticated process for identifying top talent and our extensive network. It remains equally important for us to develop a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of our clientele and candidates. This detailed process, together with our proven screening and interviewing process, enables us to ensure a cultural fit between candidate and company.

The Role of a first-class Digital Recruitment Consultancy

Digital experts are the heart of every company in the digital age. They ensure the smooth operation of digital systems, protect important data and ensure that all processes run efficiently. Given the wide range of skills and expertise required for various digital positions, recruitment can be an immense task.

By choosing to work with CareerTeam, you benefit from our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of digital recruitment. Our expert team aims to deliver tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements.

Competence in Digital Recruiting

Our consulting team is always up to date with the latest digital trends and knows the skills required for different positions in the digital sector. This enables us to effectively assess your company's needs and recommend the most suitable professionals.

Efficiency due to Time and Cost Savings

By outsourcing the recruitment of digital experts to us, you can save valuable time and resources that you can focus on your most important tasks. Our well-designed processes and dedicated team take care of the entire recruitment process, from job posting to final placement.

Improved Recruitment Quality

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only recommend the most qualified people for your digital positions. We find professionals with the right combination of technical and soft skills.

Enhanced corporate Brand

When you outsource your digital recruitment to CareerTeam, you can focus on your core business while we take care of talent acquisition. This way you can maintain a strong corporate brand in your industry, which is essential to attract top talent.

Flexibility and Scalability

As your business expands, so does your need for digital experts. Working with CareerTeam allows you to easily increase or decrease your staffing needs as required, without having to manage the hassle of the recruitment process yourself.

Why CareerTeam?

With CareerTeam as your partner, you benefit from the support of an organisation that excels in the following areas:


Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the fields of executive search and human resources. They have the necessary skills and know-how to identify and attract top candidates for your company.

Holistic Search Process

Through our data-driven, multi-channel approach, we integrate deep analytics, comprehensive research and tailored advice to find the most suitable candidates for your business.


With an established network of over 770,000 contacts covering a wide range of sectors and including high quality professionals, we can draw on a broad pool of knowledge for professionals and executives.

Market Knowledge

Our continuous updating of our knowledge of emerging trends and innovations in the industry allows us to better assess the specific challenges and opportunities facing your business, as well as the leadership skills required for success.

Comprehensive and Sustainable Strategy

Our services aim to create a positive experience for both the candidate and your company in terms of candidate journey, cultural fit and employer branding. We ensure that the individuals we promote not only have the required skills and knowledge, but also align with your company values and contribute positively to your employer brand. By focusing on these critical elements, we support the development of sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships between your company and the professionals we place.

Recruitment in the Digital Era

The fourth industrial revolution and Work 4.0 present us with new challenges and opportunities. The digital transformation of our working world requires the necessary expertise and ideas from professionals who specialise in these areas. CareerTeam provides you with a network of over 770,000 active contacts. Thanks to our data-driven search process, we identify the most qualified candidates. In fact, 85% of the candidates we present are invited by the client for an interview, and on average it takes us only four candidates to successfully fill a position.

With CareerTeam on your side, we'll help you drive your digital success with the right team. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you find the right digital talent for your business.

Digital Recruiter

1. Preparation

Preliminary analysis of the salary structure, the potential pool of candidates and the probability of filling the position, including location, personnel and budget responsibility

Support from a specialist partner, recruiter and research team

2. Kick Off

We guarantee an optimal profile definition along a well-founded briefing guideline...

...on the basis of a profile workshop and the definition of the sought-after personality and agree on a binding project plan

3. Sourcing

Our data-driven search process enables us to identify the most qualified candidates...

… and after an average of 14 days we consult with you on our longlist of the first 30 candidates.

4. Qualification

Customized two-step interview process for potential candidates (evaluation of suitability & competence)

Implementation of our certified suitability diagnostics "Big Five" or "Great Eight"

Personality and competence models

5. presentation

After an average of 25 days we are able to present the first candidates

6. Hiring

On average, only 4 candidate introductions are necessary for a successful placement.

We accompany you in the professional preparation and implementation of all candidate interviews for optimal comparability


What our customers have to say

Marco Bofinger
Hr Management - Urban Sports Club

Effizienter Austausch und offenes, ehriches Feedback waren der Grundstein der Zusammenarbeit mit CareerTeam. Wir waren mit der schnellen und effektiven Suche 
sehr zufrieden.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Barbara Günther
HR Business Partner - Havas Media Germany GmbH

CareerTeam supported us in the executive search and the cooperation was outstanding. Together we spent a lot of time on preparation and briefing in order to achieve quick results. The workflow was smooth and characterised by fast communication channels. The team was professional, committed and really understood what we needed and were looking for. All of this contributed significantly to our success. CareerTeam would therefore always be our first choice for future projects.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Matthias Lange
CEO - localyzer GmbH

The cooperation with CareerTeam was consistently positive, especially for a sales office in our complex market environment. The service was excellent, starting with an intensive personal and detailed consultation. The team took the time to thoroughly understand our job needs and objectives, resulting in very suitable candidate proposals. We are completely satisfied with CareerTeam's professional support and would recommend their services to anyone. Every client and every job is taken very seriously here.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Dr. Henning Frommer
Project Lead Digital - Gothaer Versicherung

CareerTeam's search process was very accurate and carefully targeted. All of the profiles that were presented to us were highly relevant for the position we sought. This way we were able to terminate the search to the utmost satisfaction.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Wolfram Kiwit
Chief Editor - Lensing Media

Our contact person Margarita Kwindt was reliable and communicative and she won us over with her excellent customer leadership. Together with her team she presented us numerous candidates with a good profile fit, whereby we were able to finish the search process quickly and in terms of all our requirements.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Angelika Kambeck
Head of Strategic Group HR - Klöckner & Co

With CareerTeam, we gained access to a network of digital experts. We were able to build our digital unit from scratch and are very happy with the service.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Wiebke Ernst-Ringena
Deputy personnel manager at Deutsche Messe AG

With the help of CareerTeams recruiting experts, we were able to successfully fill several challenging roles in our digitalization, IT and purchasing departments. The collaboration was always characterized by very good advice, open communication and maximum transparency. We are looking forward to the next joint projects with CareerTeam!

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Marie Bolze
Group Manager Business Partnering at Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Together with CareerTeam, we have already been able to successfully fill a number of positions in recent years, including in the digital environment and in the area of sustainability management. For us, Careerteam stands out in particular for its professional support throughout the entire recruiting process: Regular JF appointments (incl. candidate presentation), appointment coordination, etc.. CareerTeam not only ensures that we have the right candidate for the job, but also the right cultural fit.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Ralf Lang
Head of personnel at Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG

It was very pleasant to recruit a complex and very specific function together with CareerTeam. The cooperation was professional, transparent and at eye level. We are sure that without CareerTeam we would not have received these precise profiles, which led to a successful filling. Gladly again at any time!

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Verena Stiegler
Recruiting & HR - Scandio

With CareerTeam, we were able to successfully fill a position in business development with central importance for the sales area and the further development of the company. The collaboration was characterised by a high level of professionalism and transparency throughout. In the end, we had a choice of several very good profiles and together we were able to recruit a great new colleague for Scandio!

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus

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