case study

Provinzial NordWest

The story behind

As many other service sectors, insurance companies are starting to digitalize themselves. Customers are familiar with digital offers and services and therefore they expect corresponding services from their insurance companies - thus the Provinzial Nordwest decided to build up its own insurance start up andsafe. The connection between new technologies with personal and sensible data and the frequently encountered reservations in Germany against digitalization let the Provinzial and ansafe face special challenges.


Provinzial NordWest creates with its brand andsafe the first online provider of a business liability insurance for business persons and hence a unique selling position on the insurance market. This has been achieved by a convenient and easy access to business liability insurances. With the creation of an independent and completely digital brand, an increase in trust in digital insurance business models is aimed on the customer side.

The constructive partnership with the sister firms of the CareerTeam Group has proven once again to be extremely beneficial, as well as dealing with a data driven approach together with a large-scale strategic project. Therefore, Provinzial NordWest was able to let CareerTeam handle the whole search for quite different job profiles. As part of the full-service agency CareerTeam Group it is possible to deliver the results to the customer from one single source.

The issue regarding location has been solved the same way as similar cases with an intelligent search algorithm. In this manner we were able to discover numerous candidates living in the region of Münster or have a past connection with it. Moreover, CareerTeam helped to convince sceptical candidates with its input regarding possible benefits and further conditions.

Search process & outcome

Scrum Master

985 Candidates screened
233 Candidates contacted
55% Feedback rate
7% Positive feedback / interested

Lead IT Architect

700 Candidates screened
111 Candidates contacted
46% Feedback rate
7% Positive feedback / interested

Performance Marketing Manager

247 Candidates screened
140 Candidates contacted
70% Feedback rate
24% Positive feedback / interested

Learnings for CareerTeam

Once again it was useful to place top management positions with the goal of building up an entire department. Usually the placed candidates have a large, relevant network which often enables them to find suitable candidates for their company. Furthermore the presence of already placed top managers helps to attract further candidates for lower positions. The high level of versatility and the proposition of a highly agile work environment helped to offset possible advantages of the location Cologne and to enlarge the pool of relevant candidates.



Managing Director andsafe AG

Last but not least, it is the full-service approach and the professional input in relation to the difficult location that have made the cooperation with CareerTeam an extremely successful project for us so far.

Provinzial NordWest is the second largest public insurance group in Germany and, with its predecessors, can look back on almost 300 years of company history. It has almost 700 branches in its business area and a good 3 million customers. With andsafe, Provinzial Nordwest is now tapping into the digital insurance market.